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Xiao Guai Dan Match-It Time #0302

RM 25.99

cost-effective and Product Model: 0302 

Package size: 28 * 21 * 6CM 
Weight: 0.8KG 
puzzle pieces: 60 


Ages: 3 years old Product Description: can be combined into 30 different point in time where the composition of the whole point of 12 can be composed of other time 18 puzzle using advanced multi-layer cardboard, perfect cutting, blocks, smooth and solid, bright color screen, the cartoon image design, rich in content, is likely to arouse The baby is interested in the People's Republic of China "toy safety standard GB6675-2003" Consumer use "GB5296-5-2006 colorful, vivid, lovely image. Smooth, feel good on paper; paper hard, not easy to fold, durable! Time is an abstract concept for children to learn to recognize the time, starting from the actual life of the child, the first to identify the whole time : thelittle angel eggs Series exports products, environmentally friendly raw materials making, safe, non-toxic material sturdy, smooth surface, exquisite workmanship, difficult to damage, easy to clean. Little angel egg series is very popular and so your absolute brain toys suitable for different groups of people, different difficulty, challenge your intelligence limit!Little angel eggs brand, 3C certification, exquisite workmanship and varied gameplay, and variety is indeed the most Toys brand!



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Description : 

Xiao Guai Dan Match-It Time #0302  

Packing : 

Colour Box  

Product Dimensions ( L x W x H (cm) ) :

28 x 21 x 6  

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Height (cm) :


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Weight :


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Shipping Method Domestic Oversea 


Kangaroo Worldwide service YES - Penisular Malaysia 
City-Link Express YES   Penisular Malaysia 
Pos Laju - - Malaysia
Pos Malaysia Airmail parcel  YES - Sabah,Sarawak,W.P.Labuan & P.Langkawi
Pos Malaysia Sea parcel - -  
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Pos Malaysia International Airmail parcel - YES Shiped Worldwide...
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