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xiao Guai Dan Chess 0407

RM 24.99
Model: 0407
Packing: color box packaging
Players: 2
Age: More than five years of age
Game time: about 30 minutes
Game Design: Michel Lalet, Laurent Levi
Recommended players and occasion: good at the whole situation, arrangement planning, perseverance and careful players will have a better performance in this game, but randomly, the players instinctively action may not not win. Is very strategy puzzle game. Spiel essential
Prestigious double game!
Great thinking and reasoning, the game only majority heap moving a few opponents, players must struggle, in addition to outside the offensive, have defensive avoid rushed too fast, the result being pushed into the first valley Hello ~
King Bao Yizhi chess for selling world chess game so far has sold more than 5 million group, over 20 million people have played this game in Europe and the United States mainstream puzzle game, simple rules, and 30 seconds to get started . Pawn for the exquisite
Smooth plastic, so the track with promotion, making the game exceptionally smooth!
Containing manual.