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Scooter 2009A

RM 149.99

Model : 2009A


30% AL, 70% steel with 100mm PVC flashing wheels, ABEC-5 Bearing,

  • Length : 61cm
  • Width : 10cm
  • Height :56cm to 76cm
  • Width : 30cm
  • Nett Weight : 2.6kg
  • Color : Assorted Color
  • High Quality Product.

Maintenance and Care:

  • Check the screws regulary to avoid failure
  • This product can be cleaned by natural detergent to wipe off dirt,please avoid using industrial cleaners.
  • Place in a well ventilated area ,away from sunlight or dampness to avoid discoloration and rust
  • Replace the wheel and bearing when worn out or not operating smoothly. Use hex-wrench while replacing.