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RC Run for Speed Monster Truck(Big Wheel 18

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Product Description

Reference ID: C757C9023, 757C9023, 757-9023, 9023

The Big Wheel King Monster Truck is a fantastic RTR Off-Road Truggy, but it can be so much more! When you drive the Bigfoot Truck, you can go anywhere, mud, sand, tarmac, rock, gravel and much more, and be sure of coming back again. The drivetrain is rock-solid, the parts are durable to come back from falls and tumbles, it performs like a champ and is strong encough to get over just about anything you can get to! It also looks great with the chrome wheels, off-road tyres and painted and detailed bodyshell! This Novel Buggy makes an idea first-time RC vehicle!

If the remote control cars can't go straight, you can adjust the fine-tuning at the car bottom of the front left and right side, and tune the lever to restore the equilibrium position for the car.


- Factory assembled, Ready to Run (RTR)

- 1/10th 2WD Big Wheel Monster Truck

- Full Function Radio Controlled (Control forward, reverse, stop, left & right)

- Front and rear suspension with coil spring shock units

- Semi-proportional right and lift steering plus forward and reverse

- Pistol Grip Transmitter

- Sealed Gearbox

- Glossy Exterior Paint, Flexible PVC shell

- Realistic & Stylish Custom Tire Rims

- Rubber Racing Tires

- Operating range up to 100 feet away

- Maximum speed 10 mph

- Playing time: up to 20 minutes at each charge

- Ready to Run

- Dimension: 18"L x 10"W x 9"H

Package included:

- 1 x RC Monster Truck (100% assembled)

- 1 x Radio Controller with antenna

- 1 x 110v Battery Charger

- 1 x Rechargeable Battery