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Baby English learning Woolen blanket YQ2906

RM 49.99

Package: simple packaging
Whether electric: Yes
For age :0-18-year-old
Whether Versatile:Yes
Item: YQ2906
Custom processing: No
Material: cotton, ABS
Power supply: battery
Whether foreign trade: Yes
Size: 50 * 70 * 2 CM
Product categories: flip chart
Brand: YIQU
Function: flash, music / vocal


All products are exports,
Compliance with the most stringent regulations in the various countries in Europe and America, each product certified by the SGS organization provides certificate.
This is a very cute toy, I believe that your baby will love anyone to own good, oh!
3-6 months in the baby, the mother also can be fixed on a small baby bed so the baby kick ah kick.
7-12 months, your baby hand to explore the above button.
13-24 months allows the baby to stand with a foot above.
The small guy Shoujiaobingyong to promote your baby`s brain development.

The melodious music full exercise of the the child auditory system development, help children cognitive Musical Instruments, cultivate musical aesthetic.
Legs flexible operation control, exercise large muscle development, enhance physical coordination.
Help the child cognitive animals, to help hand-eye coordination exercise.

Each button hand press or foot will sound or music, the edge of the switch flashes
Lighting changes by the sound of music issued from different music can be issued in accordance with the instructions on the prompt, press different key,
And can be issued to the sounds of the little duck, dog, rooster, sheep, cows and other animals can also issue 1234567i notes;
Different styles of music the blanket have multiple different sound mode.
Different blanket on animal transport class Acrobatic Troupe clown class, marine animals, musical instruments, piano class, happy football
There QQ Bear, Le lion, and so a wide variety of different device categories animal figures, let your baby know a variety of roles in the play, baby curious little hands touch different parts of the different roles also issued a corresponding sounds or music to enable children to the sounds of music to hum along with the blanket, the full development of the baby`s visual and auditory function.
Music keys also can enter note mode, the child can go to touch their feet to tap.
The baby will learn to climb toddler put it down.
And still unconsciously create music and perform well under a Beethoven lies in your house Oh!

If it is not practical for a long time a good idea to remove the battery, if the sales process need to configure the battery, save during the cut off piece separated!